All sessions are 60 minutes. 

Although every session is different, the general pattern is to begin with some deep breaths and sit quietly to feel slow and deliberate.  Then you would begin to talk about what is on your mind:  about your day, your relationships,  a longing or urge you are having for something new or something that is not sitting well in your life.   I will be listening to you and to the Spirit for places we might want to know more about, places to look deeper.  It is often helpful to bring into the present your familiar stories about the past and look at them anew.  There may be periods where we are quiet together and listen—deep silence is both comforting and powerful.  We may close with a review of what has come up in our session and offer suggestions for continuing to live this out in your life.  We would  end with silence, prayer, or inspirational words.

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