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Jennifer Bell  brings her 27 years of experience continually working in atria with children 3-12 years old and their families and parish communities.  

Vision Casting

“Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.”  Psalm 34:8

Atrium Fundamentals $29 per person
In this 1 ½ hour in person online workshop we will cover the most essential information you need to know about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) way of being with children.  From Atrium levels to basic human development at its core.  Perfect for parents, priests, catechists, volunteers, grandparents, community members!

Sunday, August 20 3:30-5pm PT
Tuesday, August 22 
6:30-8pm PT 

Community Meeting “Seedplanting”
In this 2-3 hour gathering your community of parents, church staff, parish priests, catechists, potential volunteers will hear about the origins and characteristics of this work and experience CGS presentations as given in the atrium to children.  There will be handouts that explain the content and overview of CGS with 0-12 year olds and plenty of time for questions and answers.

Please contact Jennifer for dates and cost.


“The Good Shepherd calls his sheep by name and leads them out.  They will not follow a stranger because they don’t know the voice of the stranger.  I have come that you may have life to the full.  I am the Good Shepherd.”  John 10

Fall Parent Series “The Spirituality of your Child” $129 per person

What are children asking us for in their relationship with God?
3 in person online sessions include 1 ½ hours each of prayer, child development, and things to do at home with your family.  There will be time for discussion and individual questions.

Thursday evening 6:30-8pm PT on September 21, October 5, October 19 and
Sunday 3:30-5 pm PT on September 24, October 1, October 8

Atrium Assistant Training $59 per person
Get the most impact by pairing you CGS trained Catechist with a trained Atrium Assistant.  You can have the best atrium year ever with satisfying atrium partnerships and friendships by praying together, working out details and growing relationships before the children come.  The impact good atrium partnership will benefit you in years to come as others see the joy in your work and come near.

1 ½ hours person online includes time for individual questions and interests. 


Sacraments Retreat 10 person minimum  $179 per person
This is a retreat for you to get a taste of the CGS way of helping children prepare for their first reconciliation and first communion.  It includes 5 scriptural meditations, and a full day and ½ to enjoy the atrium materials, silence, prayer, journaling, stitching, calligraphy, beautiful art supplies for your prayer and much more
Retreat is Saturday, November 4, 9 am-3:00 pm PT with option of reconciliation with a priest; continuing on Sunday following mass for prayerful reflection time and closing.



Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 pm PT September 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17

Atrium Staff Retreat
Prepare for your atrium staff with a retreat to know the call of the Good Shepherd even more, preparing the Atrium adults to meet with the children this atrium year.  Sofia Cavaletti said the greatest thing we bring to the children is our own spiritual life and practice.

  • In person retreats available ½ day or full day.

  • In person, online retreat series available


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Individual Spiritual Direction

“I have called you by name and you are mine.”  Isaiah 43:1

20 minute discovery session 
4 sessions for $419
Catechist Special pricing.  Regularly $500 

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Inspired Space  
$179 per atrium

“The atrium is a place of prayer in which work and study spontaneously become contemplation and prayer.”  Sofia Cavaletti

Get your atrium just right!  Meet online and in person in your own atrium with Catechists and assistants for consultation on your materials and atrium environment.  includes planning materials sent ahead  and follow up notes so you can assign action steps.  (one atrium environment per booking)

4.5 Hours

Jennifer for dates and prices.

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