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Jennifer Bell

Spiritual Guidance

Love is the powerful medium leading to optimal transformation.

- FAQ-

What is Spiritual Direction?

In a Spiritual Direction relationship you have a companion on your life journey.  A Spiritual Director sits with you and God (Spirit?), listening deeply, witnessing, tracking the Holy, waiting, prioritizing, and sometimes providing observations.  A Spiritual Director is trained in noticing the transformative movements of the Spirit and leads with the certainty from deep patterns.

How can it benefit me?

My clients report feeling more themselves, more authentic.  The find themselves able to make true decisions that hold, feel supported in their lives and find resilience and steadfastness in the chaos that life challenges may bring.  They experience hope, clarity, generosity in relationships, and become more alive.

What kind of people come for Spiritual Direction?

People who want a stronger spiritual life.  Parents who feel unprepared for the big questions of life from their children. Clients who want to feel less in the hold of suffering and be able to be present for their own growth and change.  People who are not in crisis but wish to grow their lives with Spirit, to have an aid in hearing God’s call to be more truly themselves.

What is the time commitment?

 I normally meet with clients once a month over a period of time.  A long-term sacred relationship is developed between the client and myself as we explore the events of life in the light of the Holy.

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