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Jennifer Bell

Spiritual Guidance

Love is the powerful medium leading to optimal transformation.

- Testimonials-

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Formation Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the Tuesday evening discussion and presentation.  It was lovely.  You are a wonderful affirmation of why CGS makes so much sense for all of us."

- Beth M.

“You have given us a heart full of love and the skills to share your goodness beyond our formation group.  You are truly a shepherdess in a year full of surprises.”

- Teresa P 

“You have a special gift of presenting these gifts of God and you make it look and feel so easy - thank you! ”

- Barbara C.

Spiritual Direction Testimonials

“I am my higher self with you.”

- Susan N

“Jennifer Bell is a treasure. I arrived at our session agitated, pondering a major life change. Not knowing what to expect I was prepared to share what was going on without spending too much of our time telling my story. We talked briefly and she took me on journey beyond talking to a deep place within that was not troubled and also held answers for my next steps. The answers were always there, I had not been quiet enough to access them and needed her gentle direction. I highly recommend Jennifer as your guide for Spiritual Direction.”

-  Karen Renee H.

“Spiritual direction is holy listening, presence and attentiveness…in this covenanted relationship the director has agreed to put herself aside so that total attention can be focused on the person sitting in the other chair.  What a gift to bring to another, the gift of disinterested, loving attention!”

-  Margaret Guenther

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