Emotional Health






Jennifer Bell will help you foster spirituality, process a emotional or physical injury or fully accept a change to live a more joy-filled life.

For two decades Jennifer as bridged behavioral science with emotional and spiritual health.

Jennifer brings compassion, insight, and a

higher spiritual presence to every interaction.





Jennifer works with clients of all ages and all life stages.

Each zoom session is 1 hour, includes a 15 minute follow-up session, and is priced at $175. Jennifer invites new clients to a save 15%, offers group or family packages, and provides ambassador scholarships to facilitate growth and healing in every one.

Find Your God

Explore all types of spiritual practices and religions to help build a personal or family spiritual plan (for children as young as three) with emphasis on age-appropriateness. This can include the Catechists of the Good Shepherd method.


Enhance Your Spirituality

Explore, create, or re-establish spiritual practices that keep you connected to your God. These are personalized for each client and can include both religious and spiritual rituals.

Overcome Negative Emotions

Create a stronger, more resilient you. Address your negative emotions and patterns that keep you stuck including lack of self-confidence, anger, and shame.


Emotion Code Jennifer is certified in Dr. Nelson's groundbreaking Emotion Code. This is the process of removing trapped emotions (energy) created during a physical or emotional injury.

Improve Your Work

Jennifer works with business owners to recognize, process, and remove the emotional blockages that hinder professional, creative, and financial growth.

Live Your Own Truth

Jennifer works with clients to recognize, listen to, and prioritize their own emotional needs. Honoring your inner-voice will help you to listen to others with less judgment.


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