Well Being







Jennifer Bell will help you foster spirituality, process a emotional or physical injury or fully accept a change to live a more joy-filled life.

For two decades Jennifer as bridged behavioral science with emotional and spiritual health.

Jennifer brings compassion, insight, and a

higher spiritual presence to every interaction.





Jennifer works with clients of all ages and all life stages.

Each zoom session is 1 hour, includes a 15 minute follow-up session, and is priced at $175. Jennifer invites new clients to a save 15%, offers group or family packages, and provides ambassador scholarships to facilitate growth and healing in every one.

Find Your God

Explore all types of spiritual practices and religions to help build a personal or family spiritual plan (for children as young as three) with emphasis on age-appropriateness. This can include the Catechists of the Good Shepherd. 

Enhance Your Spirituality

Explore, create, or re-establish spiritual practices that keep you connected to your God. These are personalized for each client and can include both religious and spiritual rituals.

Overcome Negative Emotions

Create a stronger, more resilient you. Address your negative emotions that keep you stuck including lack of self-confidence, anger, and shame.

Emotion Code

Jennifer is certified in Dr. Nelson's groundbreaking Emotion Code. This is the process of removing trapped emotions (energy) created during a physical or emotional injury.

Improve Your Work

Jennifer works with business owners to recognize, process, and remove the emotional blockages that hinder professional, creative, and financial growth.

Live Your Own Truth

Jennifer works with clients to recognize, listen to, and prioritize their own emotional needs. Honoring your inner-voice will help you to listen to others with less judgment.


Young Children have a tremendous capacity to fall in love and be in love.

This life giving experience of order is held with children, especially youngest in what looks like chaos, and at any moment blossoms into order full of joy.  It could be their work arranging flowers, or the song they just made up singing their love and praise and gratitude, or a response so profound, with very few words that I know now to write it down because I will not remember it or believe that a child brought this when I look again later after this moment has passed. 

All belong....they love the least in us and the least among us. Consistent and true. All belong.

children are
at the
of my 
life's work

Jennifer Bell holds a degree in Behavioral Science (UCSD) and certification in Spiritual Direction and Theology (SFTS). Jennifer is a trained practitioner in Dr. Nelson's ground breaking Emotion Code. She is also an international speaker and Formation Leader for the Catechists of the Good Shepherd.

This expansive approach is how Jennifer Bell can reach and help everyone; without labels, judgment, or boundaries.


Spiritual Direction

Working with Jennifer many things changed in my life for the best! She does powerful work, during sessions she holds the space in a loving and caring way that allowed me to expand and open myself to have profound,
and moving experiences.


Atrium at Home

So I just wanted to say Thank You for
being there for our kids and for us and
for contemplating those big mysteries
with us. Your time and presence have
truly been a gift. 

Emotion Code

I was struggling financially in my business. I give enormous value,

time and commitment to my clients. 

After sessions with Jennifer I feel lighter, more myself, and had a surprising bump in my income."